Monday, 17 November 2014

New in | Desert Boots

Jumper, Zara (last year)
Jeans, Zara
Boots, Primark (current)

Just a quick post to show you these desert boots that I picked up in Primark last week. I debated buying the Clarks original desert boots last year, but in the end couldn’t face parting with the £90 needed to buy them. So, when I spotted these in Primark for only £18 I picked up a size 6 straight away. £18 for a pair of shoes is such a bargain, especially when they’re real leather! They are so comfy and teamed with a pair of thick socks they keep my feet nice and toasty. I wore them yesterday with this lilac Zara knit and jeans.

Amy x


  1. Primark have some great shoes at the moment (I snapped up two heels and a pair of loafers on my last store visit) and £18 for a pair of boots is a MASSIVE bargain :) X

  2. Super cute!
    S xx


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