Wednesday, 6 August 2014

St. Tropez Luxe Dry Tanning Oil

I’m a big fan of fake tanning and have used the Fake Bake products for years now. I find the products easy to apply, they take to my skin well and the results are always amazing – a healthy glow, without feeling orange. A very important factor when using fake tan.  Because I get on so well with Fake Bake, I've never really tried any of the St.Tropez products before, apart from the occasional spray tan. However, when my friend Sophie told me about a new St.Tropez Luxe Dry Tanning Oil that gave you a tan lasting 7 days, I knew I had to try it. And boy am I glad I did. 

Packaging:  The packaging is quite luxurious and the oil comes in a glass bottle making a nice change from the plastic squidgy bottle fake tan normally comes in. Although saying that, this can be dangerous when keeping the tan in a bathroom with a tiled floor and my friend actually ended up dropping and smashing her bottle everywhere. Bad times. 

Smell:  The tan definitely smells nicer than other tans I’ve used and it doesn’t have the same biscuit smell on application. However, I did notice that smell slightly the next morning when I woke up and a little bit throughout the next day, but nothing major. 

Application:  I applied one coat of the tan with a tanning mitt and it went on easy and coated my skin well. As the oil soaked in to my skin quite quickly it was sometimes hard to see exactly where I had put the tan, so I just made sure that I rubbed it in well in all the key areas (elbows, in-between fingers etc). The tan is shimmery when you put it on, but this disappears when you wash it off, so don’t panic if you are suddenly covered in glitter!  Afterwards my skin did feel a little bit greasy, which is obviously expected with an oil based tan. I have quite dry skin so it wasn’t necessary an issue for me, but might be for people with oily skin.

Results:  The result was amazing! And I mean really amazing. The oil definitely leaves you with a healthy glow and my skin was evenly tanned all over. The dark colour lasted about 5 days and even when it started to fade my skin was still a nice natural golden colour. I’m quite olive skinned naturally and the tan took to my skin well and I didn’t look orange at all.  Overall I would highly recommend St.Tropez luxe dry tanning oil to anyone looking to try a new fake tan. 

The tan retails at £25 and you can probably get about 10 -15 full body applications from one bottle, depending on how many layers you like to put on in one application.  You can buy the tan here

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  1. I saw this in Superdrug on the weekend and was very tempted!! I usually use palmers gradual tan so this would be a big price jump for me but I may just take the plunge. St tropez is one of the best brands out there after all xx

  2. Hi Emma, it is quite pricey, but if you can get it on offer I would defo recommend it. If you're normally used to gradual tan though this might be quite a jump as the tan difference is quite noticeable the next day :) x


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