Thursday, 8 May 2014

Life lately

Long time no blog! As you may have noticed I’ve been a little absent from the blogging world lately, so I thought I would give you a quick update on what I’ve been up to in the last couple of months.  The main reason I haven’t blogged much recently is due to starting a new job. At the end of March I started a new job and from then until now, it’s been quite overwhelming and pretty tiring to be honest! I’ve gone from a very small company of 10 people to a big agency of around 70 dealing with national accounts and it’s a big change for me personally, but one that I'm really excited about.  During this time the whole company has also relocated to central Brighton, so with that thrown in the mix it’s been a busy couple of months.

I did consider actually given up my blog all together because I wasn’t sure if I would have the time to commit what I wanted to it anymore, and after getting home from work the last thing I usually want to do is spend my evenings (and weekends) in front of another computer thinking about what to write.  Then I realised that a blog is supposed to be a hobby and something that it done in my spare time for my own enjoyment and I shouldn’t feel guilty if I don’t post for a month, or even longer. So, after a little break from blogging and social media, I’m going to try and get back in the swing of things starting with a few holiday related posts and a Bootea Teatox review in the next couple of weeks. 

Apart from work, in the last couple of weeks I’ve also been preparing for my holiday to Turkey, which I'm jetting off to on Tuesday #excited. I’m going with my boyfriend, my best friend and her boyfriend and I'm looking forward to some much needed relaxation and fun in the sun. Not to mention getting a tan.  I’m going to be doing a holiday style diary when I return so keep your eyes peeled for some summery outfits at the end of May.  It’s also my birthday at the end of the month and I’m struggling to decide what to ask my boyfriend and parents for, which is extremely rare for me. I’m thinking maybe a Micheal Kors gold ring, or a pair of Celine Shadow sunglasses.... Oh decisions, decisions.

Apart from the above, here a few iPhone pics to show you what I've been up to this last month. 

 Eating Easter Eggs - including this personalised one I got from work

Going for cocktails with the girls 

Reminiscing about the fact it's been 3 years since I went travelling and wishing I could do it all again!

Doing the Bootea Teatox in an attempt to 'cleanse' before my holiday

Trying out the juice bar near the new office in Brighton with celery, apple & lime

 Going for walks up the South Downs

Exploring the Brighton Laines on my lunch break and finding amazing graffitti

Amy x

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  1. Congrats on the new job :)
    Totally hearin' ya on trying to find time to devote to blogging....sometimes it just seems like a lot of work!

    Have a lovely holiday.....I'm an end-of-May Bday girl too *hi-five*.....I'm gonna keep asking for a Celine Trio until Mum and Dad get so sick of me they'll just have to buy it!!!!


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