Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Neon bright

 Ok, I have to start by apologising for my facial expressions in these pictures, and probably the next few posts! I took these on the weekend when it was ridiculously sunny and bright and thought I was doing ok without sunglasses, but no. This has resulted in me either frowning or looking seriously confused in every photo and trust me when I say these are the best out of a very bad bunch!

Neon shorts, Missguided
Black crop top, Primark
Netted jumper, Primark
Clutch, Zara
Wedges, Primark
Bracelets, Primark
I’m not going to lie, it’s taken me a while to buy into the whole neon trend. I think it’s probably because when I think of neon I picture hen parties and fresher’s student (me included) dressed head to toe in tutus circa 2009 when neon fancy dress seemed to take over the world!

However my perceptions have changed over the summer as I’ve witnessed several people wearing neon the right way and I made my first purchase in the form of these shorts from Missguided. I've kept this outfit simple and paired the shorts with a black crop top and my black and white Primark wedges, which I love but don’t wear enough! I also bought this Topshop jacket with the idea it might make a nice short suit, but the tones didn’t really match and after my boyfriend said I looked like a walking tennis ball, I went off the idea completely! I think the Topshop jacket is going to make its debut at LFW, but I have no idea what I’m wearing with it yet!! Maybe some black shorts and a crop top? Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
Amy x

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  1. I'm still thinking about my LFW outfits too, so stressful! I love that black jumper by the way, looks amazing with that outfit.
    That jacket from Topshop would look really amazing with some shorts and some wedges or something chunky on your feet :)

  2. What day are you going to LFW? Would be nice to say hi :)
    Thanks for you tips I'm going to hunt the internet tonight and try some bits on so hopefully will have it sorted by the end of the week! x

  3. you're such a pretty girl! love your hair :)

  4. Arrrghhh...
    it's totally frustrating when you shoot a look and none of your piccies turn out the way you hoped!

    You still look fab though!! Luvin' these shorts :)


    1. I know! I'm still getting used to taking blog photos.

      Thank you :) x

  5. Love the look! Especially those shorts! Really liking the design.

  6. I love this outfit, The cut of the shorts are lovely and I think your face is very pretty! You wear neon in the only way I can relate to, great post!

    Em x


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