Saturday, 10 August 2013

The denim backpack

I bought this backpack a few months ago in the Oxford Street branch of Primark for about £9 after lusting after an identical one in Urban Outfitters which was three times the price. I love going to the flagship Primark stores in London as it is like walking into a completely different shop! The pieces are always on trend and it stocks new items wayyyyy before any of the other stores.  On another note a big hurray at the fact backpacks are back in fashion. I finally have a bag big enough to store all of life's necessities in and it doesn't give me shoulder/arm ache from carrying it around all day! 

This is probably the most 90's outfit I've worn all summer and I love how comfortable and easy this H&M jersey dress is to wear. This whole outfit reminds me of a cross between something from Saved by the Bell and Clueless, I'm not sure why, but I like it.  I must watch Clueless again soon, it's been too long.  Whateverrrrrrr!

Stripped dress - H&M
Backpack - Primark


  1. Love this look! That dress looks fantastic with sneakers!


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