Thursday, 8 August 2013

I don't care about Louis, Coco and Karl

One thing I've noticed within the last few months is that statement tees appear to be everywhere! Cara Delevinge is pictured rocking a different one every week and everytime I walk in to Urban Outfitters I'm greeted by a row of Homies, Felines and a bit of Bucci.  It was during my hunt on ebay for a Cara 'Ain't no wifey' tee that I came across this little number and decided to order it. When it arrived in the post I was ridiculously excited and couldn't wait to wear it! I've kept this outfit simple, as the tee does do all the talking, and paired it with my loose fitted denim shorts and H&M strappy sandals. 

If you're after a statement tee then go and check out illegalartboutique on ebay where there's loads of other cool ones to choose from. 

Denim shorts - River Island
Shoes - H&M
Leather cuff - ebay

Amy x

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  1. I love your outfit, it's so pretty and the bag looks fantastic!

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  2. love the outfit!


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